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Why B Rite Taxes?

Upfront & Affordable Pricing

The price for your Tax Preparation services depends on the services you need NOT how much you get back. 

B Rite Taxes  provides high quality services for honest and affordable prices.

Tax Prep Fees start as low as $55!

Great Service

B Rite Taxes will always provide accurate and prompt service that you can count on.

At B Rite, you will always be treated with the respect and importance you deserve.

You will never be "just a number" when you are a part of the B Rite Family!

Services not available in CA, CT, IL, MD, NV, NY & OR.

Real Convenience

B Rite offers Video Tax Prep appointments Evenings & Weekends just when you need it. 

Mobile Tax Prep appointments are available for East/Northeast San Antonio, Texas.

Get your taxes done on your time without leaving your home!

B Rite Taxes Process

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Email B Rite Taxes

Text "Taxes" to (210) 762-2021 or; 

Send an email with the following information to taxes@britefamilyfinance.com:

  • First & Last Name
  • Phone Number

I will send you an invitation to answer a few questions and upload your tax documents using a secure online portal. 

 Services not available in CA, CT, IL, MD, NV, NY & OR. 

Schedule Your Appointment

B Rite Taxes is conveniently available evenings and weekends for Virtual Tax Prep Appointments.

Video Appointments conducted via Skype, Whatsapp or Duo -- NO FB MESSENGER!

Mobile Appointments are available for Greater Eastside of San Antonio, TX starting March 1st.

Choose Your Options

Do want an advance on your refund?

 No problem, B Rite Taxes offers low cost Refund Advances with you in mind.

Would you like to pay your tax prep fees with your refund?  

 No problem, you can pay later for a small fee.

Sign & File

Once your taxes have been reviewed for accuracy and electronically signed, they will immediately be filed using the IRS E-file system. You will receive notification once your tax return is accepted by the IRS. 

Spend Your Refund Wisely

When you receive your refund, please make wise spending decisions and plan for your future. 

B Rite Family Finance, LLC provides Life Insurance products through B Rite Life Insurance Agency, a Black Owned and Independent Life Insurance Agency. 

If you receive a Tax Refund, please consider purchasing Life Insurance polices for your household and paying the premiums for the year with your refund to avoid the monthly cost.

B Rite Family

Tax Forms You May Need to File


Form 1040: Individual Tax Return - $55 Single/ $75 Joint

The 1040 is used to report your wages, deductions, credits and taxes owed to the IRS. Once your taxes are submitted to the IRS via the E-file system, you can usually expect to receive your refund in two weeks. But if you are claiming the Earned Income or Additional Child Tax Credit, there may be a delay in receiving your refund. B Rite Taxes offers Refund Advances and the choice to pay your tax preparation fees with your refund.

The price of preparing your Form 1040 does not include additional forms and schedules.

Schedule 1: Additional Income & Adjustments - $15

This Schedule is used to report additional income and certain adjustments to income such as Educator Expenses, Health Savings Account Deduction, IRA Deduction and Student Loan Interest Deduction. 

Forms required for the above credits and deductions are included in the cost of preparing Schedule 1.

Schedule 3: Nonrefundable Credits - $15

This Schedule is used to claim Non-Refundable Credits such as Child and Dependent Care, Education Credits and Retirement Savings Contributions Credit. 

Forms required for the above credits and/or deductions are included in the price of preparing Schedule 3. 

Tax Forms You May Need to File


Schedule EIC: Earned Income Credit - $15

 Schedule EIC is used to claim the Earned Income Credit for filers with at least one qualifying child. If you do not have a qualifying child, you may still claim the credit, but Schedule EIC is not needed to do so.  You must be able to provide Social Security cards for each Qualifying child claimed for the Earned Income Credit.

Schedule 8812: Additional Child Tax Credit - $15

 Schedule 8812 is required to claim the  Additional Child Tax Credit for Qualifying Children under the age of 17. The maximum Child Tax Credit for the 2019 tax year is $2,000 per child, with up to $1400 being refundable as the Additional Child Tax Credit. 

Schedules Not Prepared

B Rite Taxes is not preparing the following schedules at this time:

Schedule A: Itemized Deductions

Schedule B: Interest and Ordinary Dividends

Schedule C: Profit or Loss from Business

Schedule D: Capital Gains and Losses

Schedule E: Supplemental Income or Loss (Rental Income)

2019 Tax Credits

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Earned Income Credit

To qualify for the Earned Income Credit, your AGI must not exceed the following limits:

Single, Head of Household or Widowed

  • $15,570 with no qualifying children
  • $41,094 with 1 qualifying child
  • $46,703 with 2 qualifying children
  • $50,162 with 3 qualifying children

Married Filing Jointly

  • $21,370 with no qualifying children
  • $46,884 with 1 qualifying child
  • $52,493 with 2 qualifying children
  • $55,952 with 3 qualifying children

The maximum EIC Credit amounts for the 2019 tax year are:

  • $529 with no qualifying children
  • $3,526 with 1 qualifying child
  • $5,828 with 2 qualifying children
  • $6,557 with 3 or more qualifying children

Child & Additional Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit for 2019 is $2,000 per child under age 17 (plus $500 for Other Dependents) and the refundable portion is $1,400. 

The Additional Child Tax Credit is up to 15% of your taxable earned income over $3,000 and can make a portion of your unused Child Tax Credit refundable if you’re eligible. 

To qualify for the Child Tax Credits, your AGI must not exceed the following:

  • $200,000 for Single, Head of Household and Married Filing Separately
  • $400,000 for Married Filing Jointly

Education Credits

The American Opportunity Tax Credit is available for up to $2,500 per eligible student and up to $1,000 of the credit is refundable. To qualify for the AOTC, MAGI must not exceed: 

  • $90,000 for Single, Head of Household and Qualifying Widow
  • $180,000 for Married Filing Jointly  

The Lifetime Learning Credit is worth up to $2,000 per return. To qualify for the LLC, MAGI must not exceed:

  • $67,000 for Single, Head of Household and Qualifying Widow
  • $134,000 for Married Filing Jointly


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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get my taxes done by B Rite?

  • Text "Taxes" to (21) 762-2021 or send an email with your full name and phone number to taxes@britefamilyfinance.com to get started.
  • You will receive an email invitation to log into the B Rite Taxes Portal.
  • Once you are logged in, please upload your tax documents an answer the tax information questions.
  • You will receive an email to schedule your Video or Mobile tax prep appointment.
  • Electronically sign your tax return.
  • Receive your tax refund.

Can I submit my information before January 27th?

Yes you can!

In fact, you should submit your information as early as possible. 

B Rite Taxes offers a $10 discount to clients that submit their information by January 21st. You can even submit your last paycheck stub to get started and send the W-2 when you receive it. Once all your information and video tax prep appointment are complete, your taxes will be E-filed on January 28th.

What if I don't have an ID?

If you do not have a state issued Driver's License, ID or Military ID; you may instead use a work badge if it has your picture (if you are also submitting a W-2 from that employer), a college ID with your picture or a U.S. passport.

If you do not have any of these forms of ID, B Rite Taxes will not be able to prepare your taxes.

What times are you available for video and mobile appointments?

B Rite Taxes is available for Video tax prep appointments Monday - Friday 6:00pm-9:00pm CST and Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am-9pm CST. 

Mobile appointments will begin Sunday, March 1st and will be available Saturdays and Sundays from Noon-9pm CST (Greater Eastside of San Antonio, TX only).

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